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Cupcake FAQs

  • How much are your cupcakes?
    Everyday & special order flavors are $2.75 each unfilled or $3.50 each filled.
    Holiday & gourmet flavor cupcakes are $3.75 - $4.00 each unfilled and $4.50 - $4.75 each filled.

  • Can I order Candyland Cupcakes in advance?
    Yes, advance orders for everyday flavors can be as many cupcakes as you wish filled or unfilled... if more than a dozen, please give us 4 hours. Special order flavors are by the sixes or by the dozen with 2 days notice. Please give us more notice for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.

  • If I place my order 2 days in advance, may I order any of your 42 flavors?
    Absolutely, you choose the flavors as long as the order is by the sixes or by the dozen.

  • Can I place an order for cupcakes on the same day that I need them?
    If you need cupcakes on the same day you call, we will do our best to fill your order. However, you may need to take an assortment of available flavors.

  • How do I care for my Candyland Cupcakes after I pick them up?
    We recommend that they be eaten on the same day they are picked up. When you get them home, leave them in their air-tight container and store unfilled cupcakes on the counter in a cool room. For cupcakes with cream fillings, place container with cupcakes in the refrigerator. Before serving, please remove container with cupcakes from the refrigerator and allow to warm up to room temperature for about 30 minutes.

  • How long do Candyland Cupcakes stay fresh?
    Our cupcakes are made with all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, so it is best to eat them on the same day they are purchased. If you leave them in their container, they should still be good the following day. Please leave unfilled cupcakes on the counter, and place cream filled cupcakes in the refrigerator.

  • Do you gift wrap your cupcakes?
    Our cupcakes are placed in an air-tight container and each six pack or dozen can be tied up with a pretty ribbon bow. We also offer cupcake singles in a pretty white box with a see-through top, tied up with a gold bow. With every gift, we also include a small gift card that your message can be written on. Please be sure to tell us if you would like your cupcakes packaged this way.

  • Can Candyland Cupcakes be shipped?
    Due to their fragile nature, our cupcakes do not ship well.

  • Are there any other Candyland Cupcake locations?
    Not at this time.

  • Can I order cupcakes for my wedding?
    Yes, you may, however, the order should be placed at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability. You may select from our 42 flavors or have us select an assortment of flavors - as long as the orders are by the dozen.

  • Do you deliver cupcakes for weddings or large parties?
    Yes, but there is a delivery charge and delivery is based on our availability. However, our cupcakes are conveniently packaged in air tight containers and bagged, making it very easy to pick them up.

  • Will you do any custom decorating or writing on your cupcakes?
    We can tint our buttercream frostings in pastel colors and vary the colors of our sprinkles. Then our cupcakes are topped with a pretty sugar decoration especially for the occasion, making them easily recognizeable as a Candyland Cupcake.

  • Do all Candyland Cupcakes contain sugar, eggs and milk?
    Yes, we use only the finest, freshest ingredients in our cupcakes. They are all made from scratch using flour, sugar, eggs and milk.

  • We have had wonderful cakes from the Victorian Cake Company. How do your cupcakes compare to your other cakes?
    Our Candyland Cupcakes are made from exactly the same recipes as our other cakes. So if you have enjoyed our cakes in the past, you will also enjoy our cupcakes. You may find a few additional cupcake flavors not listed as our regular cake flavors, but the ingredients are the same.

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